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Best Sf Films 2013 - Tips and Updates 2013

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Top rated best movies of 2012- 2013 Review Lists

The year 2012 witnessed the success of a lot of blockbuster action movies . That included the success of “The Amazing Spiderman”, “Life of Pi”, “Argo” etc. It was really hard to compile a list of best movies released in 2012 – 2013 , since many movies like the recently Iron Man 3 didn’t came up to the expected level, and many movies like Twilight’s Breaking Dawn too did the same. Interesting…

Top 10 sad movies of 2013 – Despicable Me, Fast and Furious and Beyonce Surfboard – List

ovie very much sad even after the release of it ( Watch fast and furious free online ). 2. Despicable me Despicable me was one among the best yet sad movies of 2013. It was one among the most admired movies in the franchise. 3.Beyonce Surfboard So what is beyonce surfboard ? It in fact is a sex position. It is not a movie. The term is used in Beyonce’s new album called Drunk In Love. World War Z, The Spectacular Now, The Sapphires etc are…

12 years a slave best picture academy award

12 Years a Slave won the best picture academy award of 2014. The movie is an adaptation of a novel. The movie won a total of 3 Academy awards. One award for the best writing, adapted screenplay and the other one for the best supporting actress. Lupita Nyong’o won the award for the best performance by an actress in a supporting role. The award show was hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and is the highest rated Oscar Award show. 12 years a slave is…

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