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Does Need For Speed Movie Have Nudity In It - Top lists, Downloads 2014

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NFS World Movie (Need For Speed)

…w this story line anyway. The network game NFS World is very popular. The game has released a long time ago, but it still in the top lists. Need For Speed World is played via an internet connection. Each user has to register into the NFS world and then the user can download the game. The movie would not be based on the NFS world, because it does not have a strong story line for a movie. NFS Most Wanted had a good story line, and is the best in th…

Jesse Eisenberg to play Lex Luthor in Batman/Superman Movie

…stian Bale as Batman. But Bale confirmed he won’t do the movie without Christopher Nolan. And Nolan is not interested to bring his Batman back. So a new Batman came, and it will be played by Ben Affleck. Superman will be played by Henry Cavill. Amy Adams will play Lois Lane. Lex Luthor did not appear in the Man of Steel movie, though many hints to his existence in Metropolis was shown. Everybody might have expected a little more older Lex L…

The Lego Movie or Rio 2, which made for a better animated movie?

…reat with the release of animated films, nevertheless the two films that most lovers of the animated genre would have had watched and which also made the headlines are Rio 2 and The Lego Movie. For those who have watched Rio would without the slightest doubt have watched Rio 2 considering how good Rio was, it was a great film with an amazing story, beautiful animation and eye-popping 3D effects (which is now a default format for every animated…

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