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Fzmovies Man Of Steel In Hindi 2013 - Tips and Updates 2013

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Man of Steel 2 has been announced

Man of Steel 2 has been announced After a long wait Man of steel has released. The movie is running successfully world wide. It has broken the summer box office records and is going to be the box office hit of 2013. After watching the movie, everybody is eager to know about a sequel to this movie. All were expecting a post credit scene at the end of the film, but Snyder did not include any post scenes for the movie. There were lot of rumours abo…

Iron Man 4 ?? Will Tony Stark return?

After watching Iron Man 3, the next question is ‘Will Tony Stark return as Iron Man again?’. The answer definitely is a YES because Avengers 2 is already announced. In the ending of ‘Iron Man 3’ Tony Stark pitches his chest Arc Reactor into the sea. This confuses the audiences whether there will be another Iron man movie. Tony realised that his greatest asset wasn’t his suit of armour, but his intellect and his mind. By the end of Iron Man…

Man of steel Easter Eggs

…Captain Carrie Farris is far too close to Carol Ferris, the famed love interest of the Green Lantern, to not be an allusion to the combat fighting ace. Tags man of steel secret ending the conjuring after credits despicable me 2 easter eggs this is the end easter eggs is there anything after the credits of world war z anything at the end of man of steel conjuring after credits the conjuring after the credits pacific rim easter eggs emotional bolly…

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