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Knight Rider Movie 2014 - Tips and Updates 2013

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Knight Rider remake to release in 2015

Knight Rider remake to release in 2015 According to the new reports, the Weinstein Company is planning to bring the Knight Rider again to the big screens. The movie will be the adaptation of the famous 1980’s TV show Knight Rider. ‘Arrested Development’ writer Brad Copeland has been hired to write the project. The TV show featured David Hasselhoff as agent Michael Knight and a talking Pontiac Trans-Am named KITT with artificial intelligence. Th…

New movie releases 2014 trailers – Free movies online Robocop 2014, Son of God and Sci Fi films of 2014

lly awesome. A lot of top movies released in 2013 are going to come as DVD releases very soon, such as the Ironman, Fast and Furious 6, Captain Phillips etc. Here is a list of top 10 movies of 2014  1. Non-Stop 2. Son Of God. 3. The Fast and The Furious 7 4. Robocop 2014 ( Read more about Robocop costumes here ). 5. Disney Movies Most of these movies will be available for you to watch online for free on Youtube, in high definition even before the…

NFS World Movie (Need For Speed)

The most famous EA game NFS is now going to be a movie. Now several trailers have already been released. The movie casts are all new. No top rated actors are in the movie. The movie may be another franchise like the Fast and Furious movies. After the death of Paul walker the last movie FF7 is now on a long production halt. The NFS movie will release mid 2014. From the trailers it seems like the movie will have the story line of NFS Run. NFS Riva…

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