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Now You See Me Ending Explained - Tips and Updates 2013

Posted on May 28, 2013 - Under: Uncategorized.

Iron Man 4 ?? Will Tony Stark return?

After watching Iron Man 3, the next question is ‘Will Tony Stark return as Iron Man again?’. The answer definitely is a YES because Avengers 2 is already announced. In the ending of ‘Iron Man 3’ Tony Stark pitches his chest Arc Reactor into the sea. This confuses the audiences whether there will be another Iron man movie. Tony realised that his greatest asset wasn’t his suit of armour, but his intellect and his mind. By the end of Iron Man…

Hugh Jackman wants Wolverine in Avengers

…Avengers superhero is already super sized. The “X-Men: Days of Future Past” star told IGN that he would love to see a crossover between “X-Men” and “The Avengers.” Hugh continued, reflecting on how well Kevin Feige treated him when they first met for his original X-Men audition – which took place after Bryan Singer had already started shooting. “I would love to see him as part of ‘The Avengers,’” Jackman told IGN. “Because there’s a great dysfun…

Man of steel Prequel comic; Super girl Kara Zor-El, Fortress of Solitude

…ra and Dev-Em is mystery. From here it is clear how the fortress has made its place on earth. In the trailers we see several scenes from the inside and outside of the fortress. The comic also shows the same structure for the fortress. The cryogenic pods and the skeletons are also shown in the trailers.   Tags supergirl defeated by kryptonite man of steel easter eggs man of steel supergirl out of the furnace explained now you see me ending s…

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