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Now You See Me Post Credits Scene - Tips and Updates 2013

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Iron Man 3 Post Credit scene with Banner (HULK)

…conversation between Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Dr.Bruce Banner (The Hulk). For those who missed the After credit scene…..   Iron Man 3 Post Credit Scene with Banner (HULK)     Dr. Bruce Banner fell asleep and Tony Stark didn’t stop talking*   Tony Stark: You know and thank you by the way for listening. That’s something about getting it off my chest and putting it out there in the atmosphere instead of holding this in. I mean…

Captain America 2 Winter Soldier Post Credit Scene

…bert Redford as Alexander Pierce and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Tags what does the end of captain america 2 mean what does rhe end of Out of the Furnace mean what is teh saying at the end of the conjuring into the furnace ending is there a scene at the end of spiderman 2 end of out of the furnace easter eggs in this is the end is there something at the end of the conjuring is there anything after ac4 credits is there anything after the credi…

Man Of Steel Post Credit Scene

…hints and gives a fresh start to the series. The director Zack Snyder has put a lot of effort for this movie and now it is worth. The doubt remained even before the releasing of the movie, whether there will be a post credit scene for the movie. Now the answer is out. There are no post credit scenes for Man of Steel. The director also confirmed there is not deleted scenes or special cuts to be released with the DVD too. The rumours were very high…

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