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Now You See Me Post Credits Scene - Tips and Updates 2013

Posted on June 16, 2013 - Under: Uncategorized.

Iron Man 3 Post Credit scene with Banner (HULK)

Every time after watching a Marvel movie the audience keep staying in the theatre to see the Post credit scenes. Iron Man 3 also has a post credit scene. Usually the post credit scenes used to show something about a sequel. But this time it was different. There are no clues about a sequel in the post credit scenes. The post credit scene comes about 10 minutes after the movie. The scene is a conversation between Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Dr.Bruce…

Captain America 2 Winter Soldier Post Credit Scene

Marvel has a habit of showing some sneak peak at the end of their movies to keep their fans eager to watch the next movie. This time also at the end of Captain America 2, they have a post credit scene or the so called end credit scene. They have made two after credit scenes, one after the first main title segment and another one at the complete end of the title. The post credit scenes shows some clue to the Avengers 2 movie. Avenegers 2 Age of U…

Man Of Steel Post Credit Scene

…hint of Lexcorp was also shown. Some trucks labelled Lexcorp were shown several times. The director has confirmed a sequel to this movie soon, but has not revealed any details about it yet. The movie will probably release in 2015. He confirmed that it will come out before a Justice League movie. Tags hollywood hot movies World war z after credits scene clip at the end of man of steel man of steel end credits is there anything at the end of man o…

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